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List of Trains in India

Indian Railway System is the 4th largest Railway Network with a length of 1,27,760 km. There is no denying fact that Indian Railways has always been the first choice of the Indian to travel. This is due to the variety of trains provided by the Railway System for the convenience and according to the budget of the passengers. Here are some of the types of trains in India according to IRCTC.

Indian Railways Trains List

Here is complete list of all the Trains in India. Click on the Train Name to get the information.

Train Number Train Name Starts Ends
12958 Adi Sj Rajdhani New Delhi Ahmedabad Junction
12954 Ag Kranti Rajdhani H Nizamuddin Mumbai Central
22692 Banglore Rajdhani H Nizamuddin Bangalore Cy Junction
22823 Bbs Rajdhani Express Bhubaneswar New Delhi
22811 Bbs Rajdhani Express Bhubaneswar New Delhi
12442 Bilaspur Rajdhani New Delhi Bilaspur Junction
22812 Bubneswr Rajdhani New Delhi Bhubaneswar
22824 Bubneswr Rajdhani New Delhi Bhubaneswar
12424 Dbrt Rajdhani New Delhi Dibrugarh Town
12423 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
12435 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
22424 Ghy Rajdhani New Delhi Guwahati
22423 Ghy Rajdhani Express Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
12425 Jammu Rajdhani New Delhi Jammu Tawi
12426 Jammu Rajdhani Jammu Tawi New Delhi
12306 Kolkata Rajdhani New Delhi Howrah Junction
12302 Kolkata Rajdhani New Delhi Howrah Junction
12305 Kolkata Rajdhani Howrah Junction New Delhi
12952 Mumbai Rajdhani New Delhi Mumbai Central
12951 Mumbai Rajdhani Mumbai Central New Delhi
12236 Ndls Dbrg Rajdhani New Delhi Dibrugarh
12436 Ndls Dbrt Rajdhani New Delhi Dibrugarh Town
12454 Ndls Rnc Rajdhani New Delhi Ranchi
22413 Nzm Rajdhani Madgaon H Nizamuddin
12438 Nzm Sc Rajdhani H Nizamuddin Secunderabad Junction
22691 Rajdhani Express Bangalore Cy Junction H Nizamuddin
12431 Rajdhani Express Trivandrum Cntl H Nizamuddin
12433 Rajdhani Express Chennai Central H Nizamuddin
12437 Rajdhani Express Secunderabad Junction H Nizamuddin
12493 Rajdhani Express Bangalore Cy Junction H Nizamuddin
12309 Rjpb Rajdhani Rjndr Ngr Bihar New Delhi
12310 Rjpb Rajdhani New Delhi Rjndr Ngr Bihar
12313 Sdah Rajdhaniex Sealdah New Delhi
12432 Trivndrm Rajdhani H Nizamuddin Trivandrum Cntl has provided with a complete list of the trains which are running in India. You can click on the name of the train to get complete information about the train like Train Route, Train Time Table, Train Running Status, and Seat Availability of the train. If you are planning for a journey by railways, you can search for the various trains between stations and get a complete Station List through which these trains pass.

Some Interesting Facts about the trains in India

Distance Covered

Total distance covered by the 14,300 trains on the Indian Railways everyday is 1153200 kms.

First Train in India

The first train in India ran from Bombay(Mumbai) and Thane on the 16th of April 1853.

The Fastest and the Slowest Train

Gatimaan Express is the fastest train running from New Delhi to Agra. It has maximum speed of 160 km/hr. Nilgiri Express is the the slowest train in India running at average speed of 10 km/hr.

The Longest Route Train

The Vivek Express runs between Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari and covers a total distance of 4,273 km.

Least Punctual Train

The Guwahati-Trivandrum Express is the least punctual train in India. There is an avg. delay of 10-12 hrs per trip from the scheduled timings.

Most Expensive Train

Maharajas' Express is the most expensive luxury tourist train runs in India. The fare of the this train can go upto 17 lacs.