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What is PNR?

If you are going to make a reservation of a train ticket for your journey, say from Delhi to Agra, you might encounter with the word, PNR Status. Now, the question arises, what is PNR Status? PNR stand for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10 digit number which provides a variety of travel information to the ticket-holders. PNR Number for a train mainly informs about the booking status - whether the ticket is confirmed or cancelled or it is in a Waiting List with all the personal information of the passenger like name, age, gender etc. You need to check Indian Railways PNR Status to check the status of your train ticket.

Where to Find PNR Number on the Ticket ?

PNR Status

PNR Number is generally present at the top of the train ticket. You can find it at the top left corner of the printed tickets and at the top of the e-ticket in separate cell. This PNR Number is used to check Indian Railway PNR live status.

Advantages of PNR Status

  1. Checking PNR Status helps the passenger to get all the details about the train.
  2. PNR Status tells if the ticket is confirmed or cancelled or it is in a waiting list.
  3. PNR Live Status also informs about the exact arrival and departure time of the train.

Types of Trains with PNR Status Facility

Currently there are thousands of express and passenger trains run by Indian Railways. Not all the trains come with PNR facility to book a ticket. Trains which provide the convenience of PNR Status are listed below.

All these types of trains provide the passengers with the ease of PNR Status to check the seat availability in a particular train.

How to Check PNR Status?

As the technology is advancing, IRCTC Train Enquiry has become very easy and convenient for the passengers. If you are an Indian train traveller with a question in mind " pnr number check karna hai ", then you have reached the right place. There are several methods through which you can check Indian Railways PNR Status. Some of the methods are mentioned here:

PNR Status Enquiry through Website

  • For PNR Status check, you can visit the official portal of IndianRail maintained by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).
  • Visit the official website of IRCTC to check Live PNR Status. You need to login and click on 'Booked Ticket History' to get the Indian Railway PNR Status.
  • Simply, you can paste your PNR Number in the above box and click on Get PNR Status.

PNR Status Enquiry through App

This could be the easiest method for the passengers to Check PNR Status. There are certain apps which you can get on your smartphone to complete your IRCTC train enquiry.

PNR Status Check through Call/SMS

This method can be useful to those who do not have internet connection. You can call on 139 from your landline or mobile to get info. In order to get PNR Status through SMS:

  1. Send PNR < PNR Number > to 139 (Service by IRCTC)
  2. Send PNR < PNR Number > to 5676747 (Service by RailZone)

Get PNR Status from Railway Enquiry Counter

You can simply visit the Railway Enquiry Counter and provide them with your PNR Number to check the PNR Status of your ticket.

PNR Enquiry through Final Reservation Charts

You can always check your final PNR Status on the Final Reservation Charts. PNR Live Status freezes after the preparation of the final chart.

PNR Live Status Acronyms and Abbreviations

Term Full Form Description
CAN Cancelled The ticket has been cancelled.
CNF Confirmed The ticket has been confirmed.
RAC Reservation against Cancellation Berth will be allocated if a passenger gets his confirmed ticket cancelled.
REL Released Ticket is not cancelled but Alternative Accommodation is Provided.
NR No Room No more Bookings Allowed.
NOSB No Seat Berth No seats Allotted for Children Ticket.
WEBCAN Cancelled on Web Ticket has been cancelled over internet, Refund Not Collected.
WEBCANRF Cancelled on Web Ticket has been cancelled over internet, Refund Collected.
WL Waiting List Ticket is in the Waiting List.
RLWL Remote Location Wait List Separate Waiting List for Smaller Stations.
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List Separate Waiting List for Intermediate Stations.
RSWL Road-Side Station Wait List Separate Waiting List for specific Road Side Stations.
GNWL General Wait List General Waiting List for origin and destination stations.
TQWL/CQWL Tatkal Quota Wait List Separate Waiting List for Tatkal Tickets

WL and RAC Refund