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Indian Railway Trains Between Stations

Indian Railway is one of the biggest railway networks in the world. There is no denying fact that people find it difficult to check trains between stations in spite of the comprehensive data available online. It takes some time to get used to the Indian Railway System. If you are in a search of a trains between two stations, will assist you regarding the Indian Train Time Schedule and also the shortest & the fastest route between stations. Other than the points mentioned above, will also provide detailed information for the following aspects:

Time Duration of the Train Journey

It would be very easy for you to find the Train timings between two stations. It is very important for you to notice the time taken by a particular train between two stations before boarding.

Arrival & Departure Timing of the Train

With the help of, you can find the exact arrival and departure timings of any train between stations. In case, if a train is early or late from the scheduled time, you can check the final arrival time of the train between two stations like Delhi Cantt. to Agra Cantt.

Stations through the Train Journey

Everybody wish for a hassle free train journey. You can always stay updated regarding the stoppage of a train between two stations. For a fast train journey always choose a train with least stoppage.

Train Ticket Fare

Budget is always an important factor when you have to spot a train between two stations. helps you to find out the price of the train which you are looking for. is a very easy and simple way of finding a suitable train between stations. All information at one place ensures hassle free and relaxed experience. It will provide you with all the details like Train Name & Number, Train Fare, Train Schedule, and Distance covered by the trains between two stations. You can also ascertain the stoppage and the halt time of the train at every station. works according to the Indian Railways Time Table, thus provides accurate information for the schedule all the time.

If you want to check out a suitable train for your journey, the most important question that will arise in your mind is, "How to find Trains between Stations?" If you too have this question, get your answer below.

7 Simple Steps to Find Trains Between Two Stations.

  1. Enter the name of the Departure City in 'From' box.
  2. Enter the name of the Destination City in the 'To' box.
  3. Select the Date on which you want to Board the Train.
  4. Click on 'Get Trains' button
  5. Check the Indian Railways time tables of trains.
  6. Check the time duration of the trains between stations.
  7. Choose the appropriate train for your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1. How to get complete information of Trains between 2 Stations?

Ans. Just enter the mandatory details on the boxes given above and click on 'Get Trains Button'. For example to search trains from Delhi to Mumbai, mention the name of the cities then select the date and press enter. You will get a complete list of trains passing or ending at your destination.

Q2. How to check the Fastest Train between two Stations?

Ans. Below the list of the trains, you can find the train which takes least time between two stations. You can also find out more information there regarding your journey.

Q3. How to check the Train with Shortest Route between stations?

Ans. You can learn it from the list of the trains for your journey. provides the exact distance covered by a train between stations. The route between Nagpur and Ajni stations is the shortest of all, situated just 3 km from each other.

Q4. How to find the Arrival and Departure Time of Trains?

Ans. In the list of the trains between two stations, the exact time of the Arrival (Start) and Departure (End) timings of the train mentioned much after the name of the trains. You can also find Travel Time following to it.

Q5. Which is the Fastest Train in Indian Railways?

Ans. Started in 1988 New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the fastest train in India with the top speed of 160 km/hr.

Q6. Which is the Slowest Train in Indian Railways?

Ans. With the average speed of 10 km/hr Nilgiri Express is considered as the slowest train in the Indian Railways. The train travels from Chennai to Mettupalayam.

Q7. Which is the Most Expensive Train in Indian Railways?

Ans. Maharajas' Express, the most luxurious tourist train, is the most expensive train as well with a package of reaching 17,33,410 Rs excluding taxes.