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Running Status for NDLS-MUV-SUPERFAST-EXP - 12582


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Train is currently at Source and late by 0 minutes.
No Station Arrives Actual Arrival (Delay) Departs Actual Departure (Delay) Late Date Distance
1 NEW DELHI(NDLS) Source 00:00 22:35 22:35 0 mins late 21 Apr 2018
2 GHAZIABAD(GZB) 23:14 23:14 23:16 23:16 0 mins late 21 Apr 2018 25 km
3 KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB) 04:45 04:45 04:50 04:50 0 mins late 22 Apr 2018 447 km
4 ALLAHABAD JN(ALD) 07:45 07:45 08:15 08:15 0 mins late 22 Apr 2018 641 km
5 GYANPUR ROAD(GYN) 09:21 09:21 09:23 09:23 0 mins late 22 Apr 2018 706 km
6 MANDUADIH(MUV) 11:10 11:10 Destination 00:00 0 mins late 22 Apr 2018 762 km

12582 NDLS-MUV-SUPERFAST-EXP Running Status:-

12582 Live status : NDLS-MUV-SUPERFAST-EXP is a superfast train originates from NEW DELHI NDLS and ends at MANDUADIH MUV. According to NDLS-MUV-SUPERFAST-EXP live train running status, it departs at 22:35 from the source station and the arrives at 11:10. It covers a total distance of 762 km. The train stops at 5 stations in between NEW DELHI and MANDUADIH MUV.You can get more details in the above table about NDLS-MUV-SUPERFAST-EXP schedule today. is an excellent website that provides info of NDLS-MUV-SUPERFAST-EXP train live status and many other trains. You just need to mention the train name and obtain 12582 live status without any hassles.

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