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Train Travel Tips and Tricks in India

Travelling through trains in Indian Railways has never been hassle free. If you have travelled recently, you might remember the troubles you faced with booking tickets online to boarding the train. To avoid the pains and troubles next time you travel through Indian Railways, you need to be wise and proactive. Memorizing the Travel Tips and Tricks will certainly help you to make your journey worth. Here are the tips and tricks which will come handy while you are travelling.

1. Ticket Booking

  • Booking the train ticket online includes fewer troubles and avoid standing in long ques.
  • Confirm all the details regarding the seat reservation. Errors in the personal details or the journey details will cost you a good amount.
  • Reach an expert for booking the train ticket online. They are fast and reliable and stand better chances booking your ticket.
  • Try to book a lower berth in the train. It becomes easy to adjust yourself and the baggage.
  • Do all your research regarding the Trains between Stations. Some trains are fast but expensive and some are slow but cheap.

2. Eating & Drinking

  • Always carry home cooked food with you. It is healthy and hygienic and way better than the street food items.
  • Try to avoid buying food from the vendors. You don't want to get sick while you are travelling, right!
  • Try to keep some fruits with you. They are the best alternatives for the packaged foods for the snack time.
  • Always try to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water while travelling will keep your body high and active.
  • Avoid sodas and aerated beverages while travelling. Instead of these, have fruit juices or buttermilk. They are the better and nutritious options.
  • Do Not Overeat. Try to eat as per your gut needs. Overeating can cause sickness and bloating stomach.

3. Packing

  • Always pack according to your needs because you are the only one is going to drag the luggage.
  • Keep a first aid kit with all your prescribed medicines and the some tablets for fever, headache and bloated stomach etc.
  • Keep your cash and IDs in a separate handy bag. Try not keep all your money in one place. In an unfortunate situation, you will always be left with some of the cash for an emergency.
  • Carry a charger or a power bank with you because your smartphone is the ultimate weapon in most of the situations.
  • Always keep some extra clothes for wiping hands and a bed sheet to use as a blanket.

3. Safety

  • Try to travel in a group, with friends or family. Travelling alone might attract troubles to you.
  • Try not to engage in a conversation with strangers while travelling. This might reveal them the things you are prone to.
  • This is especially for the female travellers. Try to avoid interaction with the fellow travellers and say 'No' for the things you find inappropriate.
  • Keep a chain and a lock with you for the safety of your luggage. It will surely reduce the chances of theft.
  • Planning everything ahead of the journey will make you independent and decrease the chances of asking for help from the strangers. The safety tips while travelling solo is really important.

5. Communication

  • Travelling to a place where Hindi is a less spoken language, say Bihar or any South State, can be annoying sometimes. Try to learn some mostly used words of the local languages to interact with them wisely.
  • Always smile which talking with other people. Your smile can send a positive signal to the person in front which will simplify your tasks.
  • Try to avoid communication with strangers if it is not required. Shopkeepers, generally, are kind and ready to help.
  • Try to learn some key phrases in the regional languages. This will help you to quickly make friends with the local people.
  • Always be patient while interacting with the locals. Your patience will help you to fill the communication gap and sort out things quickly.

This is the ultimate guide for the people who are into travelling. These tips will surely help the travellers in their journey. Other than this, staying healthy while healthy is an important aspect for the travellers. Here you can find the Tips to stay healthy while travelling in a train.